What are the best gun safe brands !! Brands selling top gun safes

When you go out to purchase a safe you would find so many brands that sells the similar model to one another, big brands all are selling best products that makes it more difficult to make the choice, selection of gun safe is up to your requirement because all those premium brands we are listing here are the best gun safe for the money, all those pass the quality and security standards of government.


Stack On

Stack on is selling wide range of gun safes and cabinets from ammo boxes, and from personal safe to total security safes that can store up-to 50 guns. there is no bargaining when its about security but stack on safes are inexpensive compare to its rival premium brands. Stack on also sales ready to assemble safes so must take a look at the stack on once before the purchase.


Liberty Safes

Liberty Safes

All Liberty gun safes and Cabinets are Made in U.S.A and one the premium brands of gun safes since 1988. Liberty is known for selling very reliable products, Liberty makes heavy duty safes and customer base are premium. Liberty safes are expensive but gives you lifetime of warranty and company will behind you till you own the safe.


Winchester Safes



Winchester is also known for the best selling the high end safes, only few products are under $1000, Winchester successfully selling gun safes from 1866. Winchester also has a high end customer base, and all the Winchester safes are made with thick steel plates, its fireproof safes are well tested and can stand up to 1400 F. If you’re willing to invest in expensive gun safe Winchester is the one you should go for.

Barska Safe

Barska Safes

If you’re looking for compact bio metric safes go for barska, barska safe are ideal for hand guns, inexpensive and very convenient gun safe for home. barska’s bio metric safes are best selling safes currently in the market. Great quality with the small size and portability makes this gun safe most popular for home use.

Aimpoint – Makers of the best red dot sights !!

Aimpoint is the Swedish company which is widely popular for providing red dot sights for the law enforcement agencies, military and other special defense forces around the world, There is no question about the proven quality of aimpoint red dot sights, if you’re looking for hunting, home defense or your duty, aimpoint is the best. Aimpoint manufactures wide range of products that goes with almost all types of shooting with red dot sights. From $400 to expensive comp M4, aimpoint makes best products in every category. Lets check some of the popular products of Aimpoint.

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

Aimpoint PRO Aimpoint pro is most popular among the defense forces and home defense also, its one of the best red dots currently, comes in NV model also, there is no problem even on the sun, its very clear sight, super easy sight and very easy to use. zeroing in rifles easy too easy. its amazing best for your ar 15, there are no issues, read Aimpoint pro review before making purchase to make sure that is this the one best for your needs.

Aimpoint Comp M4


Comp series is one of the best series, and expensive end series, comp m4s are very popular for M4 carbine rifles of US Army. compm4 has all the best features you would look for in red dot sight there’s no wonder that its the choice of Military organizations. Multilayer coating and NV compatibility makes this sight the first choice of defense forces. CompM4 also known as best close combat optics because of its quick aiming capability. CompM4 Comes in both 2 MOA and 4 Moa versions, so there are 2 choices whether you’re shooting at 20 yard range or 100 yard range.  Other great thing about comp m4 is temperature change doesn’t fogged up the sight, if you quickly get in or get out of air conditioned place you can quickly aim. you can test sight by putting it into the refrigerator. because of all these compm4 is highly reliable for defense forces.


do premium bike helmets really provides protection !!! ?

bicycle helmets are available in the market from $30 to $500 price range, high end bike helmets are used in international tournaments like tour de france, in bike helmets when you cross the certain price limit its not about the protection, its about the comfort and style, higher end bike helmets are more comfortable and have great fitting, these helmets are often well vented and provides rider with superb cooling, higher end helmets never means highest level of protection, all the helmets which passed the government standards of protection offers same amount of protection as these higher end helmets do, Cheap bike helmets can never beat any higher end bike helmets like giro air attack shield. giro air attack has passed all the government standards of protection, it offers same protection as other helmets those who comply government standards do, but in style giro air attack shield is unbeatable helmet. you can see features and specification of by reading giro air attack review.

Giro Air Attack Shield

giro air attack provides good ventilation and its build aero dynamic that cut through the air, stylish visor at the front protects your eyes from dust. if you’re planning for long trip this is truly the choice of pro rider, people choose this $200 segment helmet for the style and comfort not only for the protection. even if you want to choose cheap bicycle helmet always go for something that is well tested and complies with the government safety standards, you can find helmet from around $50 to $70 by well known brands, when it comes to safety search ten times before buying a cheap product. read helmet reviews and always check for cooling because its the main part of comfort while riding. always this well vented helmets improves the performance of riders, buy something that fits on your head properly, never hesitate to return the product if it’s uncomfortable. Enjoy the ride.